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Dr. Greg Laurence shares the SECRET that all who are seeking breast augmentation should know. I would like to give you the “inside scoop” on doctors’ claims of “natural results”. I start with a question! Can you tell which operative techniques were used on the patients in the before and after photos on our website (or any other website)?

Who has saline implants vs. silicone gel?

Who had the implants inserted through the breast fold or the underarm or belly button?

Who has high profile implants and who has moderate profile implants?

Whose implants were placed above or below the muscle?


The answer…?

YOU CANNOT TELL! No surgeon in the country can identify the techniques and implants used by looking at the photographs! In order to achieve natural-looking results, some patients need one combination of techniques and implant styles, while others will need a TOTALLY different combination. Each person’s INDIVIDUAL, NATURAL best result requires an individualized approach. So why do some websites detail the particulars of an individual case, such as the implant type, fill level and pocket location of the implant? The descriptive technical details are important, but the fact that the approach resulted in a natural-looking result in one person does not mean that the same would be appropriate for you!


For example, you may see a before & after photograph labeled:

380cc high profile, smooth round saline implants were overfilled to 400cc and placed under the pectoralis muscle with a biplanar pocket technique using an underarm incision.

This technique may have resulted in a great result for that particular person, but it might not do so for you. OR the technique may have resulted in a totally fake appearance for that person. There is no way that you can make a conclusion about how those details would apply to YOU.


So why do so many doctors insist that ONE WAY is the best for most patients? And why do some websites try to simplify these complex issues? (ready…? Here comes the second part of the secret…) Most surgeons who appear to be fully-trained plastic surgeons have very little formal training for COSMETIC breast surgery! Many surgeons use ONE method to do the surgery, leading to a “one technique fits all” oversimplified approach. The truth is that the medical schools and residency programs are not interested in training doctors to be cosmetic surgeons. As a result, most doctors are trained to “repair” breast cancer patients or accident victims—not trained in the details that give excellent COSMETIC results to healthy patients! You should select a surgeon who has BOTH board certification AND focused training on cosmetic breast surgery.


You are much more likely to receive a natural result if your physician is capable of a variety of techniques. The process will start with a thorough exam, along with time listening and understanding your special issues and aesthetic goals. I am one of the select physicians in the country whose training and experience allows me to offer such a customized approach. After your consultation with me and my staff you will understand what techniques are right for you and WHY they are right for you.


I encourage you to print out and use the Top 10 Breast Implant Questions to help you select a surgeon. Any surgeon dedicated to excellent cosmetic breast results can quickly and willingly answer these questions during a consultation.

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