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What are the current Breast Implant Options?

Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water. The fill level can be altered to affect the shape, firmness and feel of the breast. Should the implant shell leak, it will collapse and the saline will be absorbed and naturally expelled by the body.

Silicone implants are filled with an elastic gel. The gel feels and moves much like natural breast tissue. If the implant should rupture, the gel may remain within the implant shell. The highly cohesive gel used in the new generation implants reflects a major advance in safety, when compared to the silicone implants from the past.

Implant manufacturers occasionally introduce new styles and types of implants, so there may be additional options available.

Currently, saline implants are FDA-approved for augmentation in women 18 years of age and older, and silicone implants are FDA-approved for augmentation in women 22 years of age and older.


Which type of breast implant do you prefer and why?

For saline implants, most progressive surgeons, including Dr. Laurence, prefer smooth, round saline implants. He also uses moderate- and high-profile breast implants. The choice depends upon the patient’s goals and her starting anatomy. Allergan (formerly Inamed or McGahn) and Mentor are the leading U.S. implant manufacturing companies. We have the ability to use either of these manufacturers. Silicone gel implants are now also FDA-approved and may be the choice for many patients. For certain patients, the silicone gel implants can be preferred. However, these are pre-filled with the gel and can only be implanted through the breast fold, underarm or areola.


What about shaped or teardrop breast implants?

Shaped (teardrop) breast implants are textured, which causes them to stick to the inside tissue, so that they do not shift in the implant pocket. Dr. Laurence believes this adherence to internal tissue prevents the implant from moving naturally, and more likely gives an appearance of grooves or ripples. During a recent conference attended by more than 50 leading progressive cosmetic breast surgeons, it was established that none of these doctors still uses this outdated technology.


Do the implants have a warranty?

We are happy to cover the cost of the premium of the extended warranty offered by the manufacturer for your implants.


Where can I find more information about the types or styles of breast implants and their safety record?

Learn more at: Allergan or Mentor

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