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At Germantown Aesthetics, our passion for a high quality, natural surgical result is matched only by our commitment to exceed recognized safety standards.

Surgical facilities are of three types, depending upon where they are located: Hospital, Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) and Office Surgical Center (OSC). The rooms used in all three facility types might look exactly the same. State governments (including Tennessee) and certifying agents have adopted guidelines to assure that each of these facilities operates at a high level of safety. But there are measures that can be taken to improve upon that level of safety.

For 10 years, Dr. Laurence has exercised surgical privileges in six area hospitals. Our local hospitals are the best equipped and among the safest facilities in the world. HOWEVER, Dr. Laurence’s observation has been that the hospital environment could be made SAFER by improvements in the following areas:

Dr. Laurence’s Observations for Hospital Safety Improvements

The Typical Hospital Experience
Germantown Aesthetics Experience
Staff Training & Staff/Patient Ratio – Although hospital and ASC staffs are well trained, each staff member might work for 20 different doctors in a week, caring for 5 to 6 surgical patients each day.
Our staff travels to the best centers in the country to learn special procedures and techniques. We know each of our patients as an individual and care for only 2 to 3 patients in a day! More time equals more attention to detail!
Special Equipment – The perfect equipment is often times NOT available in the hospital or ASC, because rooms are designed for “multi-use,” rather than designed specifically for Breast Augmentation procedures.
At Germantown Aesthetics Advanced Surgery Centre, the available equipment is a perfect match for our procedures. We can place a sleeping breast augmentation patient in a standing position to look at the natural position of the implant. This cannot be accomplished on most hospital beds or ASC beds.
Infection Control – Infection is a critical issue in most hospitals. It is well known that the “superbugs” or “nosocomial” infections are common in hospital environments.
We believe that cosmetic surgery should take place in rooms that NEVER house patients with respiratory or wound infections. Our strict policies have consistently kept our infection rate at 0% per year.
Improved Anesthesia Techniques – Hospitals and ASC’s are “high cost centers” and must rely on throughput (completing surgeries very quickly). This mentality promotes “quick” anesthesia techniques, depriving the patient of critical local anesthesia. Many patients report significant side effects from the “fast”, older anesthesia techniques used. Some of these facilities report incidences of post-operative pain or nausea in more than 50% of patients.
In our surgical facility, we take extra time to administer advanced anesthesia techniques which allow patients to awakenn without pain. Immediate ambulation and self-care allow patients to avoid many serious complications. Because of our innovative anesthesia techniques, the postoperative pain and nausea rate experienced by our patients is less than 4%!
Safer Surgeries – The economics of the high cost centers and hospitals pressure doctors and patients to undergo risky “double” operations.
At our centre, breast augmentation and any second surgery are always performed on different days, and the same “multiple surgery” discount is granted, even though the surgeries are not performed together.
Pleasant Surgery Experience and After Care – Some hospitals and ASC’s permit little or no interaction between patients and staff members. Sometimes family members are not included in the “information stream.”
Our patients and their families agree: Our practice is committed to excellence and safety. Family members may be included on the day of consultation, and during surgery they are continually updated on the surgical progress. You may call the doctor on his mobile phone at any time during the surgical recovery.
Germantown Aesthetics Advanced Surgery Centre has a tradition of going beyond the standards so we can provide the best care for our patients and their families!
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