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Implantation Techniques

As a trained, experienced Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Laurence is able to employ any of several techniques when performing a Breast Augmentation. Each has its merits, depending on the desired outcome and patient preference.

t-TUBA (tumescent transumbilical breast augmentation, also called “TUBA”) – In this method, Dr. Laurence does all his work through a single small incision in the belly button. This includes the creation of the implant pockets, and the placement of saline implants (Gel implants cannot be implanted using this method). The resulting scar is not visible. Dr. Laurence is the pioneer of this method in our region of the country and about 50% of his surgeries are performed from this implantation site.

Transaxial – In this method, a small incision is made at the normal crease in each underarm. Either gel or saline implants can be implanted, and the resulting scars are small and inconspicuous.

Areolar – Incisions are made around or inside the dark area of each breast, and the implants are introduced through this location. Gel or saline implants can be implanted, and the scars are not very noticeable.

Inframammary – An incision is made beneath each breast in the inframammary fold, and the implants are introduced through these incisions. The scars are hidden beneath the normal position of the breasts, and Dr. Laurence uses a special 4-step technique to ensure a thin, small scar.

Pocket Placement

Unfortunately, many doctors insist on only one pocket placement for most of their patients. There are several different pocket placement options that Dr. Laurence utilizes to achieve a better cosmetic result for the patient. Education about the different pocket placements is a complicated anatomical discussion that is best left for the doctor-patient consultation. While researching breast augmentation, the following terms describing pocket placement can be found and are defined below:

Breast Augmentation Pocket Placement Terminology

Total Submuscular

Implant is placed completely under all the muscle tissue.

Sub Pectoral

Implant is placed under the Pectoralis muscle.


Implant is placed partially beneath the Pectoralis muscle tissue.


Implant is placed below the breast tissue and the fascia, but above the Pectoralis muscle.


Implant is placed above the Pectoralis muscle and fascia, but below the breast tissue.

Dr. Laurence is one of a select group in the country who understands and routinely utilizes all of these options. He discusses each one during the consultation, and helps you select the best option for your situation and desired look.

Dr. Laurence is skilled at making recommendations for the BEST NATURAL, COSMETIC OUTCOME, according to the patients’ preferences. He is one of only a handful of surgeons in the USA who are trained to perform every known surgical breast implantation technique.

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