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Our qualified staff administers anesthesia with new techniques, affording most patients a rapid recovery and a quick return to regular activities. Dr. Laurence has pioneered this new “tumescent” technique for breast augmentation. This new technique is nothing short of a miracle for many of our patients. Imagine the ability to return to normal activities in hours or days rather than weeks!

Comparison of Anesthesia Techniques


Our Technique

Other Technique

Usually no memory of surgery


Qualified anesthesia staff

Three-lead cardiac monitoring
Oxygen saturation monitoring

Continuous blood pressure monitoring



Our Technique
Other Technique
No pain after awakening
Substantial pain after awakening
Post-op nausea less than 2%
Post-op nausea greater than 50%
Patient breathes spontaneously
Patient may be medically paralyzed and on ventilator
Returns to work in 2-3 days
Returns to work in 1-2 weeks

100% safety record

Close to 100% safety record
100% satisfaction rate
~50% satisfaction rate
Our team will explain more details about this new technique which allows the vast majority of our patients to awake with absolutely no pain after the procedure.
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