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The Four Breast Augmentation Techniques

While most surgeries require the surgeon to cut into the skin or other tissues, Dr Laurence does this as little as possible and prides himself on using minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Less cutting = less scarring and lower chance of infection.

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “How big will my scars be, and what will they look like?” This depends on the skill of the surgeon and where he or she decides to make the incision that is used to put the implants into the body.

The following is a list of four incision locations for breast augmentation operations:
breast augmentation, under breast

Under the Breast


The area under the breast is known as the “Inframammary Fold.” An incision can be made here that will leave a thin, one to two inch scar. The small scar is easily hidden behind the breast.

Advantage: this location is suitable for a wide access point that allows the surgeon to place larger silicone implants with precision.

Through the Areola


In this technique, the incision is made on the outer edge of the areola. The skin’s changing pigmentation in this area hides the eventual scar.

Advantage: often used in conjunction with a breast lift.

breast augmentation, through areola
breast augmentation, through belly button

Through the Belly Button


Also known as the TUBA, the Transumbilical breast augmentation is one of Dr Laurence’s favorite techniques. It’s the most progressive and most popular technique, because the eventual scar is well-hidden in the belly button with absolutely no scarring on the breast itself.

Advantage: absolutely no scarring on the breast itself.

In the Underarm


Just like it sounds, the location of the incision of this technique is in the underarm. The natural folds in the armpit are a great location to conceal the eventual scar.

Advantage: less likely to damage the mammary gland, so this technique is great for women who plan to have children.

breast augmentation, through under arm

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