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TV doctors do a lot to raise awareness. We think you will be impressed with our comprehensive, customized approach to breast augmentation. Maybe we are ready for PRIME TIME, too?

None of these insertion sites is impossible to master. The areolar approach is the easiest. Skill is required to place the scar exactly into the under-breast fold, and error in judgment of this scar placement is common. The underarm approach may require the most surgical skill. The belly button site is perfect for some patients.

Cosmetic breast surgeons should regularly use all effective modalities in order to achieve a natural result, including: Silicone Gel and Saline; High Profile and Moderate Profile; Subglandular pocket, Subfascial pocket, Total Submuscular pocket, Subpectoral pocket, and Biplanar pocket; Belly Button approach, Breast Fold approach, Areolar approach, and Underarm approach.

We would be delighted to contact our last three (or last ten!) patients and arrange a candid and anonymous phone or email conversation between our patient and you. You might have to overcome embarrassment to ask a doctor to do this, but it is a legitimate request. Ask the doctor to assure you that there has been no “cherry picking.” It is important that you specify that you would like to talk to the last three (or more) CONSECUTIVE patients. It is very important that you record the date and time of the surgeries of these other patients! Why? Please email me or talk to me at our consultation, and I will tell you why recording this information is CRITICAL.

From time to time even the best doctors will recommend a re-operation. Over the last two years my re-operation rate (within one year of original surgery) has been zero.

Since surgeries must be paid in full two weeks before the surgery date, many patients find it easy and convenient to apply for surgery financing. This enables the complete payment for the surgery, with several payment options, for those who qualify – including a three-month, no-interest plan — or multi-year payment plans, with competitive interest rates.

We recommend two of the leading surgery financing companies. They treat our clients well and offer a variety of payment options and an easy application process. Online or telephone review of your credit information allows for a quick decision.

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