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At Germantown Aesthetics Advanced Surgery Centre we offer a complimentary Breast Augmentation Consultation. The total time for this visit is usually one hour. Our Client Care Manager and Dr. Laurence will each take a part in ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed decision about your procedure, and they will be able to confirm if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation.

It’s important for you to get to know the doctor and other staff members, so we can provide you with an unsurpassed, customized experience.

The Consultation will have three parts:

Introduction and Information Exchange:

This part of the consultation will allow a dialogue between you, Dr. Laurence, and our Client Care Manager. We will be interested in your reasons for wanting the surgery, your expectations, and your desired outcome. We will share with you some specific information about the procedure, anesthesia, options for implants and their placement, as well as different techniques available. You will be asked to share some information about your medical history, health, and lifestyle. You will be free to discuss your research findings and ask questions.


This part of the consultation will include the doctor’s examination of your breasts-checking the size, projection, position, nipple placement, skin quality, and other factors. Also, discreet anonymous photographs and measurements for the medical records will be made.


After reviewing your particular preferences and conducting the physical exam, Dr. Laurence will be prepared to review personalized recommendations that will produce the best, most natural-looking results. Our Client Care Manager will discuss costs, payment arrangements, surgery scheduling, and pre-operation considerations.

Much of this information can be exchanged by phone, computer, or other method, if you are unable to travel to the Memphis area. Contact us if you would like an online consultation or pre-consultation.

Scheduling a Surgery:

Some of our patients schedule the surgery during the consultation visit, while others take some additional time before scheduling. We want to support you in taking as much time as needed to make this important decision. We will take as much time as needed to help you with technical details or to assist you with financial considerations.

Some Additional Considerations:

  • We encourage you to bring photographs to show the doctor, which will help establish your size preferences. However, it will be impossible to make your result exactly match a photograph or other preconceived image.
  • Based upon information you provide, you may be asked to get additional lab testing or provide additional medical records.
  • You may be asked to adjust certain medications you are taking, or be prescribed additional ones. You may be asked to undergo a baseline or repeat mammogram (if over age 40).

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Our talented medical staff and unique facility can create a safe, comfortable and satisfying experience—whether you live in the Memphis, TN area, or travel here for the procedure.
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