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Our Breast Augmentation Techniques

Our goal is to produce the best cosmetic result, using the most advanced techniques. We guarantee a safe, comfortable and satisfying experience.
Under the Breast

Under the Breast

The area under the breast is known as the “Inframammary Fold.” An incision can be made here
that will leave a thin, one to two inch scar.

Through the Areola

Through the Areola

In this technique, the incision is made on the outer edge of the areola. The skin’s changing pigmentation in this area hides the eventual scar.

Through the Belly Button

Through the Belly Button

It’s the most progressive and most popular technique, because the eventual scar is well-hidden in the belly button with absolutely no scarring on the breast itself.

In the Underarm

In the Underarm

Just like it sounds, the location of the incision of this technique is in the underarm. The natural folds in the underarm are a great location to conceal the eventual scar.

Meet Dr. Laurence

Dr. Greg Laurence, MD, FAAFP, BC ABFP has had extensive training in both medical and surgical areas of medicine. Dr. Laurence has been named a Fellow, with honors, by the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgeons, for his graduate study and surgical work.

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What Our Patients Say

Dr. Laurence has received numerous patient referrals and testimonials over the years.
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Sarah L.

"I am in shock! Even though it has only been 3 months, I have already forgotten what I looked like before. You did a wonderful job!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!"

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Ranae K.

“You have made such a huge difference in my life! I struggled through my teens and twenties with low self esteem. Everyone at your clinic was helpful in determining the best size for my body shape — and I never felt pressured during the whole process. My results were great.”

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Brenda P.

“I was so surprised when I was able to return to work in three days after my procedure! I am so glad I got mine through the belly button, because I have no scar! My recovery was really easy and I have recommended you to two of my friends! Thanks!”

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